Sophomore Portfolio Review

Drop-off Deadline
12–2pm in AB 320
During week 10 of Spring term. Date TBD


Registration will be open at the start of the winter 2018 term. Stay tuned!


The PSUGD faculty will evaluate the portfolios for the rest of they week they are turned in, and will then send you an email when your results are posted on the registration website, and when your portfolios are ready for pick-up.


It is critical that you read the Sophomore Portfolio Review overview booklet provided at the info sessions. Click here to get the 2017 PDF. Even though this is from 2017, it’s still relevant to the 2018 review, so feel free to start reading and planning. 

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Dates at the top of the page

The graphic design program will be hosting a number of Information Sessions that will help you in preparing for this year’s Review. We have scheduled three different time slots, which will give you a thorough overview of what’s to be expected for the Review, an opportunity to see examples of work from years past, and information about accessing help from a variety of resources. You only need to come to one of these three sessions.

Please arrive on time, with materials ready for taking notes. There will be time at the end of the presentation for asking whatever questions you may have. Before attending an Information Session, note that it is in your best interest to read the information packet and download the checklist that pertains to this year’s Review.

ATTENDING ONE of the information sessions IS A REQUIREMENT for the Portfolio Review. You should also be on the lookout for additional emails and posters throughout Spring term announcing important events/updates related to The Review. If you are interested in getting an upperclassman mentor please contact


Dates for 2018 will be posted at the beginning of winter term

Help sessions will give you a chance to talk to at least 2 instructors about your work. They can help you select/eliminate pieces and give you feedback on how to develop others. Keep in mind that time will be limited with each as there are a lot of students to see, so be prepared with all your existing work printed out (rough prints are fine) and ready for notes/mark-ups.

Come prepared with:



2014 Student Portfolio Samples
2011 Student Portfolio Samples
2010 Student Portfolio Samples
2008/2009 Student Portfolio Samples
Writing Sample Examples

Please note all have presented their work in different ways…the one element that ties them together is that they focused on showing their work in a format that best highlights their pieces. Some used boards, some used a box, some made a book, some included actual pieces, some included all of these elements. Again, the element that ties together successful portfolios is that the work SHINES.


Friends of Graphic Design organizes a mentorship program that partners up sophomores with juniors and seniors to offer assistance during the review process. Watch for mentorship events to be starting towards the end of the fall 2017 term / beginning of winter 2018 term.

Keep an eye open for IRL weekly student help sessions that usually happen in room 320 or 160 starting in winter term.

If you have established a facebook group to offer each other critique, please email Briar so she can put the link here.


For recommendations on where to get supplies or printing done, go to our general resources page. (Illustation by Tricia Hipps)

Grab a copy of Flaunt, here!

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For a tutorial on photographing your work, check out this online booklet.