Welcome! New Faculty Megan McGinley!

Posted on Sep 26th, 2010 by Command Save

This is the first of a two part series where we get to know our two new full time faculty Megan McGinley and Ian Whitmore! First up —> MEGAN!

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Hi Megan! Please tell us a little about your education.
I studied Design at Carnegie Mellon University for two years, and then transferred to Hampshire College, where I earned my liberal arts degree.  My focus there was on printmaking. I later spent a year at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, in their Post Baccalaureate design program, and then attended California Institute of the Arts for graduate school. 

How did you break into the field?
Basically I talked my way into a design job for a woman who did a lot of record company work. I showed a portfolio of prints and drawings, had to learn the software over the weekend, and showed up on Monday morning. I made it a priority to work with people that I could learn from. I started going to AIGA lectures at the Walker Art Museum, and realized how much I still had to learn. So I started to look into graduate programs.

Please tell us a little about your design work history.
I worked at magazines, and took on any freelance I could for art organizations, restaurants, album art, ect. After CalArts, I worked at Brand New School for four years as an Art Director and have been freelancing since.

What is the focus of your creative research?
I have been designing for motion graphics for the last 6 years, and lately have had some opportunities to design for short documentary films. Now that I have a child, I am interested in motion graphics specifically for children, and am also interested in creating educational iPad apps for young people.

What is your teaching philosophy?
Thinking through doing. You need to trust your hand and brain, and just start making.

What classes are you teaching this year?
Art 200, Digital Page Design, and Art 210, Digital Illustration.

Please share some links to sites that inspire you.
Champion graphics
Reference library
Stork bites man
I love listening to podcasts of this show: www.radiolab.org
My husband's site: viewerslikeu.com

Please share the link to your web site and/or blog?