Welcome Back! Join the PSU AIGA!

Posted on Jan 4th, 2009 by Command Save

Special Guest Post by PSU AIGA Member Nicole Lavelle! more fun over at the PSU AIGA BLOG!

h e l l o  f r i e n d s !

I hope your winter breaks were spectacular and inspiring and not too cold. (Mine was too cold.)
We're gearing up for an exciting term of studio visits, competitions and collaborations. We're hoping to increase membership, increase participation, make our email list more extensive and use this blog to its full potential. Below are some highlights from the upcoming term!


f i e l d  t r i p s

Nemo Design Studio Tour! This Friday, January 9. 3pm.
Nemo Designs is a firm located in SE Portland on Belmont Street. They're a group of individuals who collaborate extensively, work in many media, and produce culturally relevant design. Their website is under construction, but if you do a quick flickr search for "Nemo Design" you can see what we're in store for. Check soon for a posting on this blog where you can sign up for the field trip by leaving a comment.Picture 6

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Jill Bliss is Coming to Town! Thursday, January 22 or 29. Time TBA.
We are actually lucky enough that Jill Bliss already lives in our town, and even luckier that she's agreed to come and hang out with kids at PSU for a few hours! She'll be here to show us her work and talk about being an independent illustrator, designer and craftor. Check out her website for gorgeous illustrations and an online store!
Picture 12

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Amy Ruppel Studio Tour, YES! Friday, January 23. Time TBA.
Amy Ruppel is a local illustrator who has generously offered to allow us a peek into her studio work space and talk to us about her work. She has shown around Portland and beyond in galleries and has had her prints featured by reformschool. She, too, has a website chock full of fine art and illustrated goodies like t-shirts and stationary. 
Picture 10


p r o j e c t s

Collaborative Poster Campaign
We discussed at our meetings last term working together on a poster campaign that incorporates elements of the project Advice to Sink in Slowly and utilizes our new logo. These posters would be designed to show the rest of campus that there is, in fact, a graphic design department at PSU! Over on our flickr group, we've posted some posters that could serve as inspiration for this project. We are going to look into having our student group funds pay to have these posters printed black and white, hugely, on plotter paper.

Get thinking about what you'd like your submission to this project to be! Look soon for a posting with details and a discussion about the theme and logo integration in the comments section.

Blog Posting!
This is your group. We want to hear from YOU. It would be too boring if only one person posted to this blog! Have anything to say about art? About design? About color, type, handwriting, sustainability, print shops in town, design education, graduate schools? About putting together a portfolio, process, the best kind of pencil? Is your paper about Paul Renner the most exciting thing you've ever written?

Talk to us. Comment here. Email Kate. We want to get you signed up to post your thoughtful musings on all things related to the practice of art and design. Thinking about design, writing about design and reading about design will help us all expand our breadth of knowledge and make us more thoughtful designers. So I hear. It could also be nice to have some published pieces and get feedback on your ideas.

Here are some examples of student blogs that we seek to imitate elements of:

CCA Confidential One kid's experience as a design student at California College of the Arts
Social Practice at PSU Not about design, but a great example of a successful collaborative internet presence.
The Graphic Student Needs updating, but serves as a resource for design students.

International Design Competition Extravaganza!
At Mississippi State, Kate and her students conceived of and organized an online design competition for design students everywhere! LOOK. It was a great opportunity for Mississippi students to have their work seen by professional judges, for them to interact with design students from all over the country and beyond, and to organize and design a fundraising event. The money we raise could afford our group infinite opportunities to expand our educations and art practices: travel to design competitions? student project scholarships?

We're looking to mimic that here at PSU. It would be a great opportunity for us to put PSU Art and Design on the map: we would have the opportunity to participate with our own work and emerge within the design school community as active participants. It is also a great opportunity to gain experience organizing an event and designing the visual identity of the competition. A visual identity design piece complete with web, print, and collateral would look great in that professional portfolio of yours…!

Are you interested in being on the competition organizers committee? Comment here. Attend our next meeting. Start thinking about the infinite possibilities that lay within this one event!

W H E W. I believe that is all.

Thank you for reading! Please leave lots of comments and tell us what you want to work on with us!


Will be this Wednesday, January 7, at 12 noon. Please come to talk about these great collaborative projects we are about to embark on, throw out new ideas for studio visits, and chat it up with your peers. As always, I am going to try to make cookies. We shall see.

To close, here is a piece of advice from Nigel Peake, a designer from the UK. This is part of the Advice to Sink in Slowly Project mentioned above. I fully support this advice.