Web Design Trends for 2009: Jumping Point for Discussion

Posted on Jan 15th, 2009 by Command Save


Web Trend Number Four (according to Smashing Magazine): Big Type! 

Smashing Magazine released their list of 2009 web trends a few days ago. This is a good list to look over and also a good list to generate discussion…do you agree with these trends? Do you see these trends being used in sites that you currently look at? Fun exercise: try and find these web elements in the wild. Hint: anything that is a web app is rich with these trends (see twitter, brightkite, crazyegg and vimeo to name a few).

Another place to keep on top of current popular web news is to check delicious popular every few days or so to see what the internet is bookmarking. What are you looking at? What sites excite you in 2009?