Posted on Oct 7th, 2013 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Above illustration by Alex Despain for the Portland Mercury

Members of PSUGD are deeply involved in the infrastructure of Design Week Portland. Shout out to faculty Lizy Gershenzon and Travis Kochel aka Scribbletone who created the identity and display type for Design Week Portland as well as designed and developed the amazing website. Huge thanks to faculty (and alumni) Kate Giambrone and Juliana Johnson aka Bologna Sandwich for designing the printed DWP Open House Map and Events Calendar that will be on display tomorrow at our Fall Student Convocation. Giant fist pumps for alumni Tina Snow Le for coordinating the massive Open House events that run throughout the entire week (over 100!) and a Heck, Yeah! to alumni Heather Noddings for extra organizational help wherever it is needed. Double High Fives for students Alex Despain and Vanessa Despain for designing the DWP stickers, the Scoutbook event program, and the vinyl pattern that graces the windows at the DWP headquarters at Pie. This duo, along with student Seth Gale also assisted with the Portland Mercury DWP Guide that you can find on the newsstands this week (I highly recommend finding yourself a copy!)

We also have a ton of faculty coordinating programming or conducting workshops. Good work Andy Pressman, Briar Levit, Precious Bugarin, Yvonne Perez Emerson, Jason Sturgill, Rory Phillips, Jason Blackheart, Josh Kenyon, Adam Garcia and Steven Kasprzyk, Jen Delos Reyes and Will Bryant!