Ward Jenkins: This is How We Do It.

Posted on Jan 28th, 2009 by Command Save

Above: Character Design and Animation by Ward Jenkins for the company Primal Screen

Ward Jenkins wants to tell you his 9 favorite tips and tools. Ward is also our special guest in 210 today too! WHEEEE! Thanks Ward! Ward is an illustrator and animator and just wrapped up his first children's book.

Check out his links—> Blog, Work, Interview on Design Inspiration. He is a contributing editor at Drawn! as well! Oh, yeah and he also has an amazing collection of vintage and mid-century modern children's book illustrations. Peep those in his flickr sets.

1. Carmine Red Col Erase pencil – A (somewhat) standard among the animation industry, I still use this type of colored pencil for sketching and animating because of the fact that you can erase fairly easily (although I've been very bummed out by the quality of the lead & eraser ever since the name on the pencil changed from 'Sanford' to 'Prismacolor' several years ago). I used to draw in blue, but switched over to red when I realized that the scanner (and camera for penciltests) picked up more of the red.

2. Scanner! – My dream is to have a large bed scanner some day. I've got a regular 8.5x11in. bed right now and animation paper is much larger which bums me out immensely.

by ward. created in ink and gouache

3. Delete whites action in Ps: this is a Photoshop action created on my own after finding out about it when I worked at Primal Screen. It basically does what it says: deletes all the whites on an image without leaving behind an ugly white 'halo effect'. Some have asked me why not use the 'mutiply' layer effect instead, since that kinda does the same and to them I say, 'phooey'. It certainly does not do the same. I explain some of the action on this post: http://wardomatic.blogspot.com/2005/06/how-to-on-black-white.html — I plan on going into more in depth detail about this later on on my blog. Soon, I promise.

4. Edit > Transform (& transform again)

5. Chalk brush tool – I cannot live without this one.

6. Eyedropper tool

7. Command U – Changing of hue/saturation: My theory is that colors like to play well with each other. Especially if they're from the same neighborhood. So, working with hue, saturation, lightness, etc. becomes this game I play with the colors on a constant basis. Lately, I've found that I'm starting to play with stronger, more saturated colors than I used to. Which is nice.

page from Ward's sketchbook

8. Sketchbook is imperative: (sorry, Frank, but I gotta have mine) any ol' sketchbook is fine, from the

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