Want to go to the 2009 AIGA conference in Memphis? Read how!

Posted on Jul 5th, 2009 by Command Save



The 2009 AIGA Conference takes place this October in Memphis, Tennessee. The theme this year is MAKE/THINK, and Portland State will be represented! Speakers and workshops will explore the dual role of the designer as makers of beautiful things and schemers of strategic concepts. There is one whole day devoted to students and education, and our very own Kate Bingaman-Burt will be speaking at the educaton day. Other speakers include Michael Beirut, Stefan G. Bucher, Carin Goldberg, Nick Law, Ethan Bodnar, and Daniel Eatock. (And so many more people, but you can look at the website to find more.)

We underwent much deliberation to decide how many students to send, and how much money to offer those students. Below you'll read MUCH information about our conclusion and learn how you can be one of those students.


We're leaving it up to you. Tell us why you want to attend the conference. Show us why you want to attend the conference. Make a book, write a play, make a website, get a tattoo, launch a marketing campaign, write an essay, make a sculpture, start a band, start a studio. (Probably don't get a tattoo, though.) Prove to us that you deserve to go! The competition will be tough, as your peers are great makers and do-ers. But so are you, so give it a try. This is a chance to flex all those skills you've racked up in the last few years. Whatever format you choose, be sure to make it compelling, well-crafted, well-designed and interesting!

To clarify: When I say "we," I mean the independent panel of judges comprised of members of the Portland Graphic Design community. It won't be me, and it won't be the other AIGA PSU student officers. Heck, we're applying to go! The panel of judges may include professors, design professionals, graduates, unaffiliated students and other rad people. Students who submit applications will not be judges.


AIGA PSU will fund the $350 conference fee. That is all we can do with
our current budget. Before you devote your summer to crafting a stellar
competition entry, please understand the total costs related to the
conference and know that you will be responsible for the costs outside
of the conference fee.

Total costs of the conference:
$350 student conference fee (funded by AIGA PSU for the winning students)
$400 (roughly) round-trip flight from Portland to Memphis (10% Discount from Northwest Airlines)
$How much food you eat
$The accommodations you work out ($139 per night discounted hotel for conference attendees)
(surely can be shared with other students attending)


WHAT: You submit your entry to be considered for a scholarship to the 2009 AIGA Conference. The conference is October 8-11 in Memphis, Tennessee.
HOW MUCH: If selected, you will have the $350 conference fee paid for by PSU AIGA
HOW: In whatever format you wish. Make it good.
WHEN: Submit by August 28. Judges will make their selections by September 3.
WHERE: A secure drop-off will take place in the Art Annex. There will be a person there or a locked space so your fabulous stuff doesn't walk off.
OFFICIAL STUFF: The judges will choose some runners-up in order to make sure we have students ready to go. We can't get a refund on students who are unable to attend at the last minute, but we can switch out the names of attendees.


Leave a comment! Shoot us an email! (friendsofgraphicdesign@gmail.com) Aaaand… just so you're not leaving this post bummed at the weird flashback 1990's design of the conference website, here's something infinitely more charming. It will leave a good taste in your mouth. (Why didn't they just base their whole identity around Clifton Burt's photograph, think-make-think?!)