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Posted on Feb 23rd, 2009 by Command Save


The following post is written by AIGA student leader Belin! Thanks Belin!


Hello everyone!

I'm pleased to announce our next visiting speaker to our little design group, ANTJUAN TOLBERT! A former Portland State design student, Antjuan spent the first couple of years post-graduation doing design and marketing work pro bono for local businesses and organizations. T
hey helped him in different ways by spreading his name and work throughout the community.

Antjuan brings this local community activitism and entrepreneurial drive to not only his design firm, Empyrean Perspectives, but also to the non-profit program he started up called PERSPECT+ which mentors young students in art and design. The free, three-month class is tailored to each student to expand on their own interests and abilities. When I talked to Antjuan recently about PERSPECT+, he said that his goal was to "bridge the gap between the young design/art student and the professional…empower students to venture out and try something new."

Come and hear Antjuan talk about the program, his experiences post-graduation and about design as a method to improving and establishing connections within your community!

{Cookies will be making an appearance as well!}

THURSDAY the 26th @ 12:00pm, AB 170


Breanne Trammell { breannetrammell.com }


Wednesday, March 11 @ 12:30pm – Rm. 170

Breanne is a super cool multidisciplinary artist and designer based in New York.
Her work revolves around "popular culture, domesticity,
cute, kitsch and the culture of collecting. It shares triumphant
moments of youth and adulthood and oftentimes reveals the dark and
embarrassing ones, too."

Some projects include HELLO WORLD, a collaborative publication with James McKinnon that provides readers the tools to facilitate "encounters and create social exchange."

Picture 12

MAGIC DIARY, hand-screen wallpaper with invisible ink pen and blacklight.

Picture 8

THINGS PEOPLE HAVE SAID TO ME, archival digital prints mounted to various woods.

Picture 13

Opolis Design { opolisdesign.com }

//Studio Visit//

Friday, April 10 @ 1:00pm – 2240 N. Interstate Ave., Suite 200

This local design firm formed in 2002 and has worked with some small, unknown companies you may or may not have heard of: Dr. Martens, Nike, Adidas, ESPN and Sundance. They've been featured in the regional design annuals of Print Magazine and also in Communication Arts.


Picture 1


Picture 3


Picture 6