Posted on Jan 3rd, 2016 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Please join School of Art+Design Director
Pat Boas for her new show Logo(s) at the Elizabeth Leach Gallery. Opening is this Thursday, January 7th. 

Portland-based artist, writer and teacher, Pat Boas works with dissected and whole letter forms to create compositions that echo the intimacy of handwriting and the exuberance of graffiti. By concentrating on the formal quality of letters rather than the actual writing itself, the artist entices the viewer along a path that is familiar but not easily followed. In Logo(s), Boas uses the cadence of language to overlap and intertwine letters, creating a visual parcel of jumbled language that cannot be disassembled. The title of the exhibition was inspired by a series of small gouache works on paper. Boas begins with standard stencil letterforms as a basis for what will eventually become written color studies.  As in her other series, Boas is drawn to the concept of the logo as an easily recognizable symbol that forms the foundation for gesturally complex paintings.

Join PSUGD Alumni Alex DeSpain kick of his month-long artist residency on January 8th at the One Grand Gallery.  Stairrow seeks to bring the viewer into DeSpain’s process of creating his ideogram-esque illustrations. In addition to the artist’s goal to produce one-thousand drawings for One Grand Gallery, DeSpain will create a site-specific mural acting as a backdrop to his public studio hours. For more information regarding available works by the artist, please contact the gallery.


Curated by PSUGD Alumni Conrad CrespinCompound Gallery is proud to present an exhibition exploring the realm of abstraction through the work of four innovative artists. While each artist approaches their practice in a unique fashion, there is a shared interest in investigating color and form in unconventional ways. Individually, these artists have developed a visual language that communicates their personal vision. By bringing these artists together, we may reveal the common space that exists within their individual visions. This exhibition serves to showcase a new generation of artists and makers committed to pushing the boundaries of creative vision forward.

The exhibition opens at Compound Gallery on Thursday 7 January 2016 from 7-10pm.