This Week in Community Events!

Posted on Nov 16th, 2015 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Above: The Amazing Stumptown Spelling Bee is Monday, November 16th 

The Pressure, Dig a Pony and Montucky present:
Monday November 16th, 2015
at Dig A Pony

Did you know that the word “November” comes from the Latin “novem,” which means “nine” as it was the original Roman calendar’s 10th month? ‘Tis true! Man, we sure love words. And so might YOU. Basically, this thing like a fun-ass game show-type situation, just sign up with us between 7-8pm, spell some words, get some free drinks. Hilarity ensues.

SIGN UP starts at 7pm ($5 dollars to enter)
BEE starts starts at 8pm!

Each time you win a word you get a can of official Stumptown Spelling Beer (MONTUCKY!). The winner of the Bee receives a prize of cold, hard American cash (and the envy of their peers).

Sign up at 7pm / Contest at 8ish / $5 to enter the competition / 21 plus

A huge thanks to the judges, DJ Anton, all the contestants and the Dig A Pony staff for letting us keep up this ridiculous event thus far.

DJ Anton providing the tuneage.
Hosted by Adam R. Garcia.
Wordlisting / judging by Brie Cochran.


Above: Social Practice Tuesdays at Likewise 3664 Hawthorne from 7-9

A weekly event for people and pets interested in Art & Social Practice; a place to share projects, learn about other people’s projects, discuss best practices, be critical but chill.

“Art and Social Practice is an artistic approach that emphasizes collaboration, shared authorship, public participation, site-specificity, and interdisciplinarity. It is often presented in non-art locations, and has no media or formal boundaries.”

If you want to present your work to a social practice interested audience, contact to arrange.

This week, the PSU social practice club will begin drafting a manifesto; we would love some community input!

Follow all our activities on Instagram @psuartandsocialpractice

Above: See Tsilli Pines at Refresh Portland: Benevolent Dictatorship as Creative Practice November 18th form 6-7 at Fine Design ,  1140 SW 11th Ave, Suite 200, Portland, OR 97205

Creative leadership is about setting the stage for a team to produce the best work possible. It requires a deft balance between vision and empowerment, a strong strategic mooring with room for others to shine. A tall order, yet most people tasked with leading a team are figuring it out as they go.

Come hear tales from a self-taught benevolent dictator with over 15 years in the trenches producing passion projects and client work with teams of all sizes. There will be Hebrew. There will be Hip Hop. There will be hard won wisdom/stupidity.

Refresh PDX speaker, Tsilli Pines
Tsilli Pines is the Director of Design Week Portland, the Host of CreativeMornings in Portland, and the Digital Creative Director at FINE. She’s been working as a designer for over 15 years and is passionate about the value of design and the power of creative discourse.


Above: Print Pull Party, November 21st at the IPRC 1001 SE Division

The IPRC will be hosting and printing work by Lisa Congdon, Aaron Draplin, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Jillian Barthold, and Caitlin Harris. Don’t miss this unique chance to mingle and pull prints. PLUS–they make the perfect holiday gifts! Support the IPRC and buy some prints! RSVP!