This Thursday // Senior Show // FUN GALORE

Posted on Aug 31st, 2009 by Command Save

Coming downtown to a bunch of good art shows? That's what I thought!

At the Cleaners at the Ace Hotel we have our very own Portland State Graphic Design Seniors, showing the last few years. A sweet venue, sixteen recent grads, loads of amazing projecnts, and recession-proof ideas. From 6pm to 9pm Thursday night, they'll be there. Will you?

Work below is by Krista Messer, Rory Phillips and Belin Liu, three of the core organizers for this year's show.



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Second up, right down the street, Reading Frenzy Independent Press Emporium is celebrating their 15th birthday! An alumni Show and Tell features check-ins and new works from loads of Reading Frenzy's past and current volunteers and paid staff. Here's the description from Reading Frenzy's own website:

We've invited past and present Reading Frenzy staff to "show &
tell" us what they've been up to lately. Reading Frenzy has been
supported by an amazing revolving cast of paid and volunteer staff and
we want to take this opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments!
Contributions will include visual arts, literary creations, music,
radio and possibly film! Plus a live performance by Shorty Kinda Crazy! Handwriting Analysis by Carly Boyer, and more shenanigans await you!!

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Another sure-to-be-spectacular show down at Fontanelle Gallery (205 SW Pine Street) features Coral Silverman's paintings, drawings and sculptures. Entitled "Real Life and Other Myths," Silverman's show explores ideas of human progression from rural, nature-connected lives into an existence wrought with technology and urban living. Sounds really intriguing to me, and word on the street is that she'll have on display sculptures from old books.