The PSU Design Annex got a facelift, yo.

Posted on Sep 24th, 2009 by Command Save

Nicole over on the Friends of Graphic Design blog has this to say!

Thank you, federal stimulus money!

Whether it came from transportation improvements thanks to the new MAX Green Line out in front of the art building, or from education funding for structural improvements, I think we can safely say that funding has finally reached our little building on the edge of campus. Formerly sort of sad and off-white, our building now RULES!


Wow! Finally! Even if you don't like the color, you've got to admit it's an improvement. This guy is painting over the faded "AI" that remained from when the Art Institute of Portland occupied this building.


Go big red! No more cigarette-filled cinderblocks, either!




THIS GUY took up two parking spots and then was all bummed when I tried to squeeze behind him and bumped his big, heavy trailer hitch with my scrawny little bumper! Sheesh! But really. He's doing a good job. Thank you, sir.


Just tilt your head. I can't figure Typepad out. I really appreciate this sign. They probably should have had this person make that large, more costly sign mounted to the building. Oops! That's okay. We'll just call them "Little Red" and "Big Red."


Aaaaand… we have a new light table! Woohoo! I suspect we have Xavier Oberlander to thank for his, so thank you Xavier! If we have someone else to thank and it's you, please let us know so we can thank you. We'll have to bolt this down so the Ikea pillow thief or the stapler thief or the hole punch thief doesn't strike again.