The Graphic Design Center has a new Manager and is HIRING an Assistant Manager!

Posted on Mar 27th, 2011 by Command Save

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The Graphic Design Center at Portland State University is a student-run business available to student organizations as well as the general public for all aspects of design work. We create brochures, websites, flyers, posters, advertisements, and anything else you might need. Any Portland State University student-funded group is granted 5 free hours of design labor per term. You can use this in any way you see fit. Do you need a flyer for an event? a poster for recruiting? or a logo for your group? We also help out non-PSU organizations.

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The Graphic Design Center has a new manager!

Steve Ebert was born in Russelville, AR and raised in the city where football fields are blue, not green. He enjoys the random episode button on South Park Studios, the smell of freshly etched wood, and spending any free time running his freelance gig, Generic Design Studio. He is a graphic designer, photographer and aspiring mountain man. He is also the Graphic Design Center's new manager.

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