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Be Honest Meetings are here!

Be Honest students! The time has come: professional one-on-one meeting signups are here. How do you prepare to “Be Honest” with a professional about your work? We’ve put together a handy FAQ just for you!

How do I sign up to talk with people?
First, you have to sign up for them! Visit the Signup Genius page here! There, you’ll see time slots available next to the names of professionals. If you see an open time with someone you want to talk with, enter your name! You will receive a Zoom meeting link or Zoom ID, which you will visit at the time of your meeting (Zoom IDs can be entered in the app by clicking the “Join” button). Make sure when you sign up to keep track of all time slots you choose and the links where you will be meeting people.

Should I reach out to the folks I sign up to talk with?
Yes! Before your scheduled time, we suggest reaching out to say hello if you can and maybe sharing a pdf of work or a link to your social media. Just saying hi and that you are looking forward to meeting them is GREAT, though! Be upfront about where you are in the program, too; professionals were once sophomores too! You can find their email on the Be Honest Pro Reviewer’s Spreadsheet that we have compiled in the email Kate sent out Wednesday night.

How many people can I meet with?
Please sign up for at least 4 slots, and no more than 8.

How much time do I have with each professional?
You’ll have 15 minutes to have a conversation with each professional. Please be courteous with time and make sure you don’t go over your limit. Ask who you are talking with if you can reach out to finish up a conversation over email!

What do I talk about?
You can choose to fill the time any way you’d like! You could ask for feedback on specific projects or use your 15 minutes to ask about them! This is an amazing opportunity to speak with someone who has experience in the industry you’re studying to be a part of! Research the people you’re going to speak with and the company they work for so you can ask them better, more relevant questions.

Here are some example questions to get you started:
“Do you have any advice for a Junior in design school?”
“What does a day working at _____ look like?”
“What made you interested in design?”
“Can I get your feedback on this project I am working on?”

What if I’m nervous?
It is okay to be nervous! Remember, professionals are fun and friendly, just like you. Take a deep breath and relax, they are here to help you, and to answer your questions. The more you talk the easier it gets! But please take advantage of all of the people that we have coming in to speak with you. This might make you nervous, but it’s a GOOD NERVOUS!

Remember to:

  • Introduce yourself
  • If you share your work, share your thinking behind the work
  • Thank them for their time!

Things to PREP for before your talk:

  • Research who you will be talking to
  • Reach out in an email and let them know you are looking forward to talking with them.
  • Let them know where you are in the program (sophomore, junior, senior)
  • Send a PDF of work / Instagram / website if applicable
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