Summer and Fall Registration News!

Posted on May 21st, 2018 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Above: Summer and Fall Registration has begun!

Some quick updates about a few of the summer and fall classes on our schedule that will hopefully help in planning.

First Year Students:
This summer we are offering a section of 120, 121 and 210 (Hello to new first year students who might have just joined this list! Also, if you are looking for the link I shared during Co-Lab last week, here it is! If you are sticking around this summer and haven’t taken 120 and/or 121 please do this so you can go through the review next spring. If you are confused by ANY of this shoot me an email at

Second Year Students:
Remember, you will not be able to register for upper division 300 level GD classes until you pass the review. Don’t stress, you will get a seat in these classes when you pass the review.

Third and Fourth Year Students:
Yes, both sections of 470 are full, hop on the wait list if you are needing this class, but also remember we are offering 470 in the winter and spring. If you are around this summer and want to take a rad summer class that will also count for your 470 requirement, check out Nicole Lavelle‘s 299/399 Design Inquiry and Narrative course. This WILL count for your 470 requirement.

We have a section of 472 portfolio running this summer and fall. Remember, this class should be the last class that you take in the GD program. 472 always runs in the summer, fall, and spring.

Hope this helps a bit and if you are still confused by the classes that you should be taking, or what your DARS is saying, just zoom me an email at