Fall 2021 PSUGD Covid-19 FAQS

Fall 2021 term classes in PSUGD will be a mix of in-person, hybrid and remote formats. 
We know you have questions, and we’ve got answers to some of the most common ones below. If you have more, please reach out to one of your full time faculty: Lis, Kate, Briar, Thom, Stephen, Meredith, Sean, and garima.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does everyone in class have to be vaccinated?

All students and employees at PSU must submit either (1) an attestation confirming the student or employee has been fully vaccinated against COVID-19; or (2) submit a medical or non-medical exemption. 

PSU’s Vaccination Policy applies to full and part-time employees, and all students enrolled in programs with in-person instruction for any portion of their course load. It also applies to students who are registered for fully online courses and participate in any on-site or in-person university activity or university-provided or sponsored service.

Do we have to all wear masks?

Yes! PSU requires that everyone on campus wears masks at all times, whether they are instructors or students. 

PSU has policies in place to make sure everyone stays masked and safe. If a student shows up to class without a mask on, the instructor can remind the student that masks are required and inform them about where to pick up a single-use mask. If they refuse to wear a mask, the instructor can ask the student to leave. If the student refuses to leave, the instructor can suspend or cancel the in-person activity. Instructors can choose to contact the Dean of Student Life to discuss the situation as a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. If you have a disability-related mask exemption, reach out to the DRC and they will communicate with your instructor.

My class has two meeting times, and one of them is listed as “web”? What does that even mean!?

You don’t have to connect yourself online Matrix-style! Hybrid classes—which is mostly how PSUGD classes are held—will meet one day a week in person (as your schedule lists) and another day remotely via the world wide web. When and how this works will vary from class to class, but for most, it’ll look pretty similar to the Zoom-tastic remote learning we’ve been doing since Spring 2020. Get in touch with your instructor and they can give you the deets about how things will be split up for your class.

Where can I go to find information about PSU’s COVID-19 protocols?

PSU’s official website has a prominent location for their response to COVID here. You will find information on returning to campus, dashboards, vaccinations, testing and more.

What COVID-19 resources are available to me?

PSU offers COVID-19 testing at SHAC. Find info to make an appointment here. Additionally, you will find information about safety precautions and vaccination requirements.

What is the attendance policy for fall?

Because this is an unprecedented situation, we want to work with you to ensure your success, and that includes attendance; different classes and mediums of connection will handle this differently. However, please keep in mind that even with the flexibility, you still have to turn things in on time, same as always, and keep up with course material.

How does advising work?

Scheduling advising appointments is the same it ever was. Your advisor may choose to have their appointments online or in-person, so keep an eye out. If it’s online, you’ll find a link for a Google Hangout or Zoom meeting in the calendar event for the appointment or on the YouCanBook.Me homepage.

Are the RAD or MAC labs open?

All A+D’s labs, including the Rad Lab in AB Annex (with the Riso printer), the MAC Lab in Fariborz Masseh Hall, along with most other campus labs will be open for you! We’ll also have lots of work and study space; our always popular Creative Suite has gotten a fresh set of tables and chairs giving it tons more solo workspace (plus a cool neon sign to boot).

Will remote classes be accessible to me?

PSU is committed to inclusive learning practices, whether in the classroom or online! If you have accommodations or might need them, connect with the Disability Resource Center and tell your instructors. Live captioning is available for Zoom Meetings, and recorded videos will be more fully captioned through PSU Mediaspace. Our faculty will work with the DRC to help ensure that you’re getting the accessible content you need, the same as always.

What if I’m on campus and my class is meeting online?

The campus has lots of work spaces for exactly this situation! Our own labs in AB Annex and FMH, the Creative Suite on the second floor of AB, and spaces like Smith Memorial Student Union and Millar Library are open to give you room to post up and meet with your instructors and classmates! We will also be posting open classroom time outside of each room, so be sure to check those listings. We will have plenty of space. Don’t forget your headphones!