2020 Sophomore Portfolio Review Registration

In order to take 300- and 400- level courses in the Graphic Design program, students are required to meet all prerequisite courses, including the Sophomore Portfolio Review.

This Review is based primarily on creative performance. Supporting documentation such as a writing sample, contextual statements, and process notebook contribute to the evaluation as secondary elements. The focus of the Review is on the totality of the projects presented, with emphasis placed on the ability to demonstrate the expertise needed to be successful in 300- and 400-level courses.

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By clicking the submit button, I acknowledge my understanding that THE RESULTS OF THIS REVIEW ARE FINAL and not open to debate. I also acknowledge that it is my responsibility to retrieve my portfolio materials after the graphic design program has completed the Review.

I will personally come to retrieve my own materials or I will make proper arrangements with another party for them to be retrieved on the announced portfolio pick-up date.

Disclaimer: While all work is treated with care and respect, PSUGD and the reviewers bear no responsibility for any damage done to portfolios or design pieces submitted for review.