Sophomore Portfolio Review Writing Sample Examples

Posted on Apr 18th, 2011 by Command Save

In preparation for this year's Portfolio Review, we'd like to make available a small sampling of some of the Writing Samples that stood out from last year's batch of submissions. Here are five different Samples representing a range of moods and tactics for discussing the work itself and the strategies behind the work. As with anything creative, you might find aspects of these pieces that you yourself would have handled differently. But note that these Samples all share certain strengths and characteristics to be emulated: 

 – They are not overly wordy, nor are they too short or concise. They quickly get to the main points they intend to express, and then expound upon these ideas with an appropriate amount of exploration and thoughtful development. 

 – They all use a relative amount of design-specific language in appropriate ways. The writing does not use fancy terminology for the sake of seeming smarter than the discussion actually is, but the writing also makes good use of proper terms in order to be effective and efficient. 

 – The writing is not merely providing a description of the work it is examining. There is some description of elements of the work, but this is backed up with rationale, conceptual reasoning, and other useful background information. 

 – There is a healthy exhibition of self-reflection and criticality present in these essays. The writers demonstrate that there were various processes (resarch-based, conceptual, production-oriented, etc.) behind the final design work. 

 -The spelling, punctuation, grammar, and type-setting are all handled with great care and expertise. 

Read over these samples and keep in mind these points as you begin to work with your own writing for the Review. Note that the graphic design program aims to host a small number of Writing Workshops for those of you who would like help with this aspect of the portfolio submission requirements. A schedule and information on how to register for these Workshops will be made available in the coming weeks. 

There are about six weeks left before the final submission date is here. Good luck with your progress on your Review materials! 

Download Review2010.writing-Dustin Murdock

Download Review2010.writing-Ewen Wang

Download Review2010.writing-Gus Miller
Download Review2010.writing-Hunson Nguyen
Download Review2010.writing-Kathey Sweeney