Silas Munro this Thursday!

Posted on Apr 8th, 2019 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Above: We are so excited to be welcoming Silas Munro as our first Matthias Kemeny speaker this THURSDAY! GET YOUR FREE TICKET!

Join us to kick off our brand new lecture series during Design Week as we host Silas Munro on April 11th at 7pm at Redd on Salmon. There will be a super talk! food! drinks! tote bags! and hopefully you! Go and grab your ticket and be part of this excellent event.

This evening is made possible by the Matthias D. Kemeny Charitable Fund of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation

The Matthias Kemeny Lecture Series needs volunteers to make the night run! Be part of our kick off! Sign up to volunteer here:

Above: Immaculate Heart Art Department Rules, Sister Corita Kent and Students, 1966–1967 AKA: Inspiration for Friday’s workshop with Silas Munro

Join us on Friday for an all day workshop with our guest Silas Munro! Grab your free ticket here!

About the workshop: To proclaim is both to announce publicly and declare something emphatically with emphasis. What do you care about? In your life? In your school? In design? In the wider world? If you could change any for the better, what would that entail? How might you go about that and enlist kindred folk in the process?

In this one-day workshop you are invited to write and design your own proclamation in type and image form. Building on the notion of a manifesto, but one that is not so patriarchal, extractive or exclusionary, what truth asks to be spoken? Maybe it’s more of a typographic whisper or mutter. Come to converse and make, while working individually and collectively to work out what you want in a designed world.