Sign up! Interaction Design Principles with Thom Hines

Posted on Nov 28th, 2017 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Above: Want to learn about Interaction Design? Want Upper Division elective credit? SIGN UP!

Put your graphic design work into action! Make things that help people do things. Students design a series of interfaces, learn to analyze their effectiveness and develop techniques that address real human needs. This class DOES NOT require any coding, but a willingness to make super rad things will help. Topics include UI design, game design, systems thinking, and UX research methods.

299 version of course is open to all Art and Design Majors, while 399 course has additional project deliverables intended for Graphic Design students.

Interaction Design Principles
ART 299/399 | CRN 45764/45765
Tu/Th 9:00-11:50
Prerequisites: Art 120 and Art 121 (formerly Art 118)
Instructor: Thom Hines (