Show & Tell with Adam JK!

Posted on Oct 12th, 2014 by Kate Bingaman-Burt


Show & Tell is proud to welcome NYC graphic designer and artist Adam J. Kurtz for our first out of town/in person Show & Tell of the year! Join us to welcome Adam this Thursday, October 16th at NOON in room 320. RSVP HERE.

Adam also has a book coming out VERY soon (that is one of the reasons he is in Portland…BOOK TOUR OH YES!)

Here is a little bit about ADAM in his own words:
I’m very interested in the ephemera of daily life, small tokens and messages, creating honest, accessible work through my INTERNET GIFT SHOP, and other small-scale collaborations. You could say my personal work is “really, really, personal.”

I’m currently Studio Designer at Barton F. Graf. I’ve previously worked at Houpla and Ads Next in Baltimore. I earned a degree in Visual Arts/Design from UMBC in 2009.

Want to know more? I know you do. Check out his not so brief bio.

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