Show & Tell: The Design Kids

Posted on Oct 12th, 2015 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Above: This Thursday…The Design Kids from Australia!

Who are The Design Kids?
The Design Kids (TDK) bridge the gap between students and industry within the Australian and New Zealand graphic design community. They work with second & third year students and fresh new grads, and offer them industry knowledge, exposure and opportunities in the industry vital to securing a dream job in graphic design, typography and illustration. In 2015, they moved stateside, and are based in the USA/Canada for the next 2 years, forming relationships to launch here next year. They were featured on AIGA, and did a collab withPAOM in NYC with a range of Australian designed winter coats that launched in their first week.

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They would love to meet you on our 12 month roadtrip – so say hello, or check out the Australian or New Zealand site to see what we’ve been up to over the last 3 years, we can highly recommend our two funny roadtrip videos.
Australian Roadtrip
New Zealand Roadtrip

Above: Frankie is the director of The Design Kids 

Frankie likes to do five things at once! She has worked as a print designer at Frost* Design, lectured at Billy Blue Sydney & Brisbane, interned at Buro North, blogged at Finders Keepers, taught at Shillington College, freelanced at The Elk Group, was a book binder at Melbourne University, has collaborated on shows with Desktop Magazine and Semi Permanent, and done talks for Apple and Pozible. She was mentored by Kevin Finn (The Sum Of) and she’s been involved with Creative Mornings Australia since early 2014. She started The Design Kids in 2009 and launched with a market stall in the front yard with some mates and a DJ. She is a sunny Sagittarius who splits her time between home in beautiful Tasmania and catching planes to far away (warmer!) places.

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