Show & Tell: Tanner Goods

Posted on Feb 1st, 2015 by Kate Bingaman-Burt


Please help us welcome Tanner Goods to PSU! Join us this Thursday, February 5th at noon in room 320 of the Art Building (2000 SW 5th ave).

We are a group of designers and craftspeople, as well as skilled laborers. At Tanner Goods, we strive to create modern products that respect the past. Our philosophy combines a design-minded approach with a deep commitment to crafting items by hand. We choose carefully, from the materials we use and the suppliers we select, to the people we hire and the partners we join. This thoughtful approach extends to everything we do and make: we try to think before we act. We go to great lengths not to overdesign our products. We carefully consider an item’s intended use, and we focus on how that can best be served without adding more to it than necessary. This, to us, is the essence of good design and craft.


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Poster by Seth Gale