Show & Tell: Super Tuesday Edition // DENNY SCHMICKLE at 10AM today!

Posted on Oct 26th, 2010 by Command Save


Today DENNY SCHMICKLE is beaming in to talk with my 224 class about music packaging and design! If you happen to be floating around, please feel free to join the conversation! My class is working on a packaging project and I have called Denny in to give a super extra jolt of inspiration and to offer up friendly and knowledgable advice. Please look at his posters and his music packaging. Amazing!

Fun Fact: Denny and I went to undergrad AND graduate school together. He is my old school design buddy and a super saint for coming in at last minute to talk with you all. We love Denny! 

Look at his work. Ask him questions. Use him as a resource. This will be fun. This conversation will be recorded and uploaded in case you are not able to make it!

where: Room 160 at 10AM. TODAY!