Show & Tell: Jordan Sondler!

Posted on Jan 28th, 2020 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Above: Let’s say HELLO to Jordan this Thursday at Noon in room 320! Promo by Walton Brush

Above: It’s her NEW BOOK Feel it OUT!

We are so excited to be hosting NYC based illustrator Jordan Sondler for Show & Tell this Thursday at noon in room 320! She is touring with her new book FEEL IT OUT and she will be stopping by PSUGD to tell us all about it! Don’t miss it!

above: It’s JORDAN!

Jordan Sondler is an illustrator living in New York City with her Pomeranian, Ramona Singer. She designs many things, including murals, television sets, 90s nostalgia diaries, and beyond. Jordan has a weakness for gummy candy, growing her plant family, and collecting soul records. 

Her clients include The New York Times, Google, Nickelodeon, Simon Malls, Pottery Barn,, Starbucks, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Resy, Urban Outfitters, Hallmark, Kotex, Maisonette, Papyrus, Food52, Adult Swim, Barkbox, Harper Collins, Random House, New York Magazine, Le Chocolat Des Francais, ABRAMS Books, Fishs Eddy, Fisher Price, Time Out New York, Artisan Books and more.