Show & Tell! Duane King and Ian Coyle = Thinking for a Living!

Posted on Feb 14th, 2011 by Command Save


Thinking for a Living

Ian Coyle is a director of design, interaction and photography. He loves typography, photojournalism, the sound of presses running, newspapers, and the smell of ink on fine paper.

Duane King is a designer, thinker & writer. Duane is the founder of Thinking for a Living, a publisher and curator of thought-provoking design content and a creator of meaningful experiences.

Together they run a creative studio and consultancy based in Portland that focuses on design, culture, and craft.

Let's welcome them IN PERSON / Thursday the 17th / noon / room 160 / Art Annex. 

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Nike Better World Website 


Moma Holiday Cards

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Andrew Zuckerman: Birds