Show & Tell —> Draplin: IN PERSON!

Posted on Jan 18th, 2010 by Command Save


Okay, listen up you little sh*ts…we are going to talk ID work. (what I think Draplin would say to you on Tuesday…)

wow. psu folks…we have SUCH a treat for you this Tuesday (esp. you 321 people)…AARON DRAPLIN is coming in to talk about making marks. This is pretty special for a number of reasons. ONE: He lives HERE and is coming to talk with you all face to face. I honestly can't think of a better person to bring in to talk about this topic with you all and we are so lucky that he LIVES HERE and actually wants to take time out of his busy schedule to spend some time with you all. See, PSU doesn't have money and all of these wonderful people come in on their own dime. THIS IS SPECIAL. please don't ever forget this.


Above: Pretty Much Everything Up To May 27th, 2009. I have this hanging in my office. It will bring you pure joy when you lay eyes upon it (proof here).

TWO: Draplin makes an amazing amount (AMAZING AMOUNT) of work (see some of it above), but on Tuesday we are going to focus on his logos and ID work and his process. I am hoping that this will strip down some of the fear/angst that I have been feeling/hearing from you all about making marks. What I have ALWAYS enjoyed about Aaron is how real he is and how it really shines through in his work – the concept and spirit are not lost and it glows on the page.

Mr. Draplin is smart, approachable and a supremely good man. The hour or so that he is going to spend with us on Tuesday will make us better people. I am not lying to you. It would BEHOOOOOVE you (yes, I just used the word behoove – deal with it) to attend. Your ID work will thank you. Your clients will thank you. I will thank you. You will thank you. We will all thank each other. GROUP HUG! See you on Tuesday – at NOON in room 170. DRAPLIN DRAPLIN DRAPLIN DRAPLIN DRAPLIN!

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