Show & Tell: Amy Ruppel

Posted on Feb 16th, 2015 by Kate Bingaman-Burt


Let’s give a BIG WELCOME to Amy Ruppel! Please join us on Thursday, February 19th at noon in room 320 (2000 SW 5th AVE) to hear Amy speak.

Amy Ruppel is an artist, illustrator and printmaker who loves to hike and play her vintage Ludwig drum kit between projects. She prefers being surrounded by nature (and birds) and Mid-Century goodness.

Amy has been working with great clients, big and small, since 2000. From spot illustrations, to window displays at major art museums, she loves a challenge. 157652e1893e58b9328331803bc8f328 ac907862b2c9c71ed2db6c8aa172ddd8

Follow her on Instagram to see what she is working on and where she is traveling to.

You can find her other work, like the State Prints series and clay and wax birdheads and so much more, on Etsy.

See more at her website:

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