Show and Tell in the Real Life: Frank Chimero Is Coming!

Posted on Nov 1st, 2009 by Command Save


Frank Chimero is an illustrator and graphic designer. You're undoubtedly familiar with his bright, smart, fun work. You've probably included his in a mood board at some point, or seen one of his posters in the green room. Maybe you've seen his illustrations in the New York Times?

Well, drool no further over paper or digital representations of this man's talent. He'll be here next week, in the flesh, for a Friends of Graphic Design blitz!


First, as part of Show & Tell, Frank will drop into the Art Annex for a casual Q&A on Thursday, November 5. 12 noon, Room 170, be there.

Then, to kick off LOVE WHAT YOU DO, Frank will be giving a lecture in the Art Building on that very topic! Thursday, November 5, 5pm, Room 200. Be there, too. It's open to the public and you're encouraged to bring your friends!


Directly following Frank's lecture is the opening of LOVE WHAT YOU DO! 6-9pm, right across the hallway in the MK Gallery on the second floor of the Art Building.

Picture 1

The next day, Friday November 6, Frank will be meeting with students for one-on-ones to talk with you about your work. Don't freak, it's not a portfolio review. It's a terrific opportunity to meet with a working designer and chat. Show him a project you're working on, get some feedback. Show him your favorite completed assignment. Show him your portfolio website, see what he thinks.

Here's where you have to do a little bit of work: we'll run the sign-up for the one-on-ones like we run the sign-ups for studio tours and workshops. First come, first serve, but we'll let you know when the sign-up post will go up. Since I forgot to do it a week in advance (that would be today) we'll go for four days.

On Monday, November 2, we'll make a sign-up post at noon. There will be specific times. You'll comment with the time you'd like to sign up for. Whew! There will be instructions in an ordered list. Set an alert on your iCal!


And go look at Frank's work. You might be standing next to him at the gallery opening and have a great opportunity to tell him how much you like his inspirational design posters or the transparency he did for GOOD magazine. We will have a real, live design legend in our midst! Don't get caught without a conversation starter!