PSU Student Rory Phillips // Been There Done That: Sophomore Portfolio Review Advice

Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 by Command Save

Rory's Sophomore Portfolio Review Package! See the rest of his portfolio after the jump!

When do you expect to graduate?  
I'm aiming for Summer of 2009

Please share anything you think is relevant regarding your education at PSU or pre-PSU.  
I'm a post-baccalaureate student.

A graphic designer's portfolio is a primary professional tool , it is used for getting jobs (and for promoting designers and design studios, bringing in new clients, etc.) What do you feel you may have gained from the process of putting your body of work together?
I feel I got a lot out of the process but I'm not sure how to quantify the benefits of the experience.  One thing that springs to mind is that it forces you to be introspective, to see your work as a whole and not just as a a group of individual projects.  To think about how this work represents you what
are the pieces you like and based on that what direction you see yourself headed.

Please share your process for putting your portfolio together.
I can be pretty disorganized so to not be overwhelmed I created a detailed list of all the big and little things I had to do to finish the portfolio, selecting pieces, refining them, printing, mounting, presentation etc. Then I set little goals and attacked each item on the list till the list was done.  That way you're always accomplishing something without overwhelmed by the magnitude of the process.

Did you attend the Sophomore Review Information and Help Sessions? Where
they helpful to you?
I did attended the Information session and found it incredibly helpful, not just about what was required for the portfolio but also an opportunity to see some examples and to dispel some of the dread over the process.

Did you ask any faculty outside of help sessions to support you in editing or developing your portfolio? 

Please share any advice / thoughts for students who will be submitting portfolios in the future.  
My advice is to treat every project you do as if you wanted to put it in your portfolio, give everything your best effort.When it comes down to revising it for the portfolio you'll be that much ahead of the game.

Thanks Rory! Great Portfolio!