Risograph Winter Hours UPDATED!

Posted on Jan 8th, 2018 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Winter 2018 Hour
Mondays: 12:30–3:30pm with Ella Higgens
Tuesdays: 12–3pm with Billy Corona
Wednesdays: 12–3pm with Lisa Kohn

Closed all days the university is closed. See holiday schedule here.

Rad Lab, Art Annex

What’s a Risograph?
The Risograph printer, is based on the stencil method of printing, much like screen printing. While the machine looks very much like a photocopier, it functions quite differently. Black & white artwork is sent to the Riso either from the connected desktop pc, or on the scanned on top of the machine. The image is ‘burnt’ on to a paper-like master, which can then be used to duplicate it up to thousands of times. The master wraps automatically around an ink drum. The ink is pushed through the screen/master, and then prints onto paper that makes contact with the drum. See more at http://psu.gd/riso