Resources for Fighting Racism

Stabilization Fund for Dr MLK Jr School Families
To support our Dr MLK Jr School community directly, please donate to the Stabilization Fund for Dr MLK Jr School Families, which was established by Dr MLK Jr School and Self Enhancement, Inc. (SEI). Funds will go directly to support families impacted by the pandemic recession. To donate:
Portland Organizations to Support
Please donate to the following local Portland organizations who center support for Black communities and consistently offer resources towards a more anti-racist world.
PDX Black-Owned Businesses to Support
Police Brutality in PDX
Resources for Dismantling White Supremacy
If you’re seeking resources for dismantling white supremacy, please check out the list below (a start to becoming more anti-racist):
In pointing to these organizations and resources, we acknowledge that our lists are not comprehensive. Please reach out to us if you’d like to share something with us or have any questions. This list was compiled by Lisa Jarrett, Roz Crews, Amanda Evans