Resilience, Resistance and Nonviolent Revolution // Veterans For Peace Graphic Design Competition

Posted on Apr 26th, 2011 by Command Save

2011 Call to Graphic Design Students. Deadline for submitting April 30th

Veterans For Peace Graphic Design Competition National Convention, Portland OR, August 3rd to 7th
The theme for the conference is: Resilience, Resistance and Nonviolent Revolution

Veterans For Peace is planning its National Convention for August 2011 to be held at Portland State University. We will need to produce posters, flyers, T-Shirts and a program book with schedule of events and location and room maps. Thus we have decided to create a contest for graphic design students that can incorporate our logo and convention theme. 

We understand that there are a number of Afghanistan and Iraq veterans who are currently enrolled in our local art schools and we would like to give them an opportunity to compete and if their design is chosen for the convention we will award $250 check to artist whose design is selected. Other graphic art students may also compete as we wish to open this up to all artists in order to meet our deadline and select a design for early save the date invitations and website face page. 

For those who submit a design but it is not chosen we would like to recognize their efforts by putting their design on display during the convention and invite all to attend to be present when we award the check to the winner. Resilience, Resistance and Nonviolent Revolution. We will have a number of workshops, keynote speakers, and musicians, theater performance, banquet dinner, awards presented and movie series plus an open to the public fundraiser concert or major speaker. There will also be a Veterans Art Exhibit at the PSU Littman Gallery. 

We are expecting 400 plus Veteran member attendees and some 150 Iraq Veterans Against War members who will be sharing space and workshops for a simultaneous convention of IVAW. This is a big project and we hope the students will receive extra credit and we would like the students to have some time to meet with the planning committee and share ideas and concerns. Students should become familiar with Veterans For Peace mission and past convention materials which that can review on the webpage 

A request from my colleague co-artist Becky Luening: She would like to incorporate Combat Paper for a Broadside Souvenir Poster, a design for typeset, Becky will take design and do the type setting her self. I have some samples I can show you or see link for info on paper Please contact Becky Luening 503.774.9197 to consult on ideas or questions you may have on broadside design, and convention materials, logo, type design, maps, etc.

Contact: Becky Luening at 503.774.9197              

Dan Shea, Veterans for Peace, 503.750.7649