PSUGD Stands in Solidarity Against Racism and Police Brutality

Posted on Jun 1st, 2020 by Kate Bingaman-Burt

PSUGD stands in solidarity against racism and police brutality. Your faculty deeply care for you and urge you to contact one of us if you are feeling that you need someone to talk to, need assistance, need advice, or are struggling and need some reassurance. We want to help you through and don’t want you to feel that you are alone. You are not alone. 

The above graphic was made by graduating seniors Lexi Marion and Jules Cordova. They originally posted it on the PSUGD FRESH instagram feed and with permission we are reposting it here as well as reposting their powerful words below. 

We want to take a moment to comment on the current events that are unfolding. We can’t ignore that we’re living through and graduating into incredibly challenging times. A global pandemic has affected so many people and touched all of our lives in new ways. It has challenged us to adapt in ways we didn’t see coming.
That being said, racism and police brutality in our country is nothing new and cannot not be tolerated. We cannot be silent or ignore the inequality and injustices that face Black Americans everyday.
In solidarity with those protesting for #GeorgeFloyd in Minneapolis and across the country we encourage folx not to adapt to this reality and take action. Use your voice, your platform and your privilege. We all have power to enact change.
Black Creatives Matter.
Black Designers Matter.
Black Students Matter.
Black Professors Matter.
Black Lives Matter.