PSU Publication is looking for designers (volunteers)

Posted on Apr 2nd, 2009 by Command Save


Guest post:   Hello, I'm the Senior Editor at the Portland Spectator magazine (a PSU monthly student pub), and I have an open opportunity for design students who want more experience doing assignment work. 

Here's my pitch: We've been working hard on redeveloping the Spectator's mission and style over the last several issues, and best of all, we're now on an all color, coated paper format that looks very good. Inside, we're aiming for a more intellectual, insightful, thought provoking type of magazine that is also strong in its visual expression.

So, with that said, we're in need of editorial designer help, editorial illustration, and photography. It could be on a volunteer guest basis, and could be as simple as designing a feature article page spread, or creating a single illustration that fits with an article. Cover art is also needed. The designer would have to be collaborative in their approach. Also, basic competencies in CS3 InDesign and Photoshop are required (but we can help with that).

This is a great opportunity for designers to flesh-out their portfolios with published work, get a taste of a working environment, and build some new relationships.

We would love to make arrangements for a volunteer designer to join us and make something happen for the next issue. Our production week is the last week of the month, with a lot of layout work happening on the last friday. Email me at: or

Thanks for your help!
Joe Wirtheim
Senior Editor, Portland Spectator

PS. Meeting Invite:

Spectator Staff and contributor meetings are pretty lively these days. We always have great conversations about magazine stuff, social/political issues, and of course visit with each other. Expect some snacks, too. 
Please save the date, and try to come by. We'd love to see you. Also, if you know someone who is interested in writing or doing design, feel free to forward this and invite them.

Spectator Meeting
Friday, April 3 at 1:00 pm
The Spectator office is in the Smith Union sub-basement. 
(basically a level below Food For Thought Cafe, and down the hall on the left. If lost, call the office at 503-725-9795)

If you can't make it, no sweat. We'll send out some meeting minutes so you can stay in the loop.