PSU Graphic Design / School of Business Design Competition

Posted on Nov 6th, 2008 by Command Save

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Just a rough sketch now, but just imagine your work all over the stage! DO IT!

PSU GD/SBA Design Competition – $250 cash prize

Marketing students from the SBA (School of Business) are planning a major fashion event in the Park Blocks Spring term featuring sustainable materials and design.

The operating title of the event is: PASSION FOR FASHION: Sustainable Design Fashion Show. PSU graphic design students are invited to submit proposals for a suite of promotional and day-of components related to this event. Submissions will be selected by advertising professionals and students who attend the 2nd PSU Annual Cannes Advertising Festival Cyber Lyons Awards event on January 20, 2009 at PSU. The winning design proposal will receive a $250 cash prize.

Components of the design suite are as follows:

1. A logo, logotype of other identifier for the annual event. (To be used in collateral materials and as internet link)
2. A CMYK 11×17 poster and 5 _ x 4 _ handbill for the event
3. Design embellishments for the stage based on the attached structural sketch
4. Banner for promotion of the event around campus
5. An 5 _ x 8 1/2 event program
6. Home page of a website

NOTES: SBA is open to new name ideas and recommendations regarding program, etc.

Specifications for your proposal

Designs for the six proposal components (listed above) must be submitted on one 32 x 40 piece of black Foamcore and delivered to the Faculty Services office in the School of Business at 6th and Harrison, Room 560.

All design proposals meeting specification will be on display January 22, 2009 during the AMA event mentioned above and the top three winning entries will be on display in the School of Business the next day.

Deadline is 5 pm January 18, 2009.

This competition is for PSU graphic design students only. The name and contact information for the submitting student must placed on the back side of the proposal board.

For more information contact Prof Dickinson, Director of Advertising Management, School of Business at [503] 725-8533 or

All proposals become the property of the PSU School of PSU/AMA boards but will ultimately be returned to the submitting student after the May fashion show.S