PSU GD GRAD : Ben Mulkey on graduate school in the UK

Posted on Dec 16th, 2010 by Command Save

Who I am: My name is Ben Mulkey, I'm a designer / writer and PSU graduate. 

What this blog post is about: My experience attending grad school on a Masters of Art course in the UK.

As told through a series of subject headings which substitute the abbreviated words in Masters of Art (MA) to form new two-word combinations that allude to my experiences while studying abroad.



Meandering About

In the summer of 2008, I was living with friends and finishing up the last of my lingering PSU general ed credits, all the while doing just enough contracted web work.

My design style had taken form; I was surprising myself less but creating stronger work. While I was growing dispirited working in a field outside of my career aspirations, I remained fulfilled through personal design studies and collaborating with friends.

I was comfortable.

Meekly Applying 

The program I applied for was the Sequential Design course at the University of Brighton. A tutor assisted program with an emphasis on narrative development and serial work. The course is structured around a central self-dictated project, which is exhibited in a group show alongside graduating full-time students and second year part-time students.

The application process consisted of university admittance form, 15 slide portfolio, and a written project proposal. I was also awarded a