PSU AIGA at the Portland Zine Fest! Share your Wares!

Posted on Jul 5th, 2009 by Command Save

The Portland Zine Symposium is just around the corner. It takes place July 24-26, Friday through Sunday, and it's happening at PSU. It's a free event with TONS of tablers. Zinesters near and far will be trading and selling their mini books.

(image: A submission to the symposium's call for art, drawn by our very own Rory Phillips.)


Do you make little books? Do you want to? Have a zine you've been wanting to sell, to trade, to give away? Want to reprint that one you made years ago? Have a bunch of drawings in your sketchbook, want to xerox them, staple 'em together and call it a zine? Well, now is your chance.

(image: borrowed from flickr.)

The beauty of zines is that there are few, if any rules. In self-publishing something, you have the ultimate freedom to select your topic, format, binding, craziness, standardness, everything.

Any and all students in related to AIGA PSU are invited to display their wares at our table at the zine symposium. AIGA PSU will take a tiny cut (30%) to directly fund future group projects. We'll be selling our inaugural edition of Scout Books, and the zines YOU bring to the table. (Literally!) We do have to require that you only bring small self-published books and not crafts, as the organizers are (rightfully) cracking down on peeps who want to come bearing only crafts. This isn't a craft fair, it's a zine fair! If you have questions about which category your stuff falls into, ask us.

(image: the 2007 Portland Zine Symposium, image borrowed from flickr.)

We'll also be teaching a workshop to the general symposium public, offering some design tips on how to make zines look fabulous and jump off the shelf with awesome covers. (You guys are experts, but just to let you know. You can help with the workshop if you want!)

Want to participate but don't have any ideas? Check out these people. Their work might lend you some inspiration.

Mike Perry (makes great letters and great patterns!)
Islands Fold Art Farm (an artists residency in Canada that facilitates zine making)
Microcosm Publishing (one of the largest zine publishers ever) (used to be located in Portland)
Reading Frenzy Independent Press Emporium (sweetest zine store EVER) (right downtown in Portland!)
Fun Chicken (Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson) (these guys make awesome zines)
The Glowdome (a traveling zine shop in an airstream trailer! woah.)

(image: The Glowdome. Borrowed NorthWest of the Nation, the home of the Glowdome.)

We're also looking for people to take a shift staffing the table. Interested in sitting around some rad people and talking to passers by about AIGA PSU and what we do? Our table will be nearby Kate's table and Pinball Publishing's table, so you'll have company if it's slow (which it won't be).

Sweet! Get in touch if you want to sell a zine. Get in touch if you want to staff the table. Thank you, we love you.