Communication Design Portfolio


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Event Organization
Portfolio Preparation

Course Description

Art 472: Communication Design Portfolio

In this course you will develop a professional portfolio and promotional campaign composed of your strongest work. Your current body of work will be carefully edited, revised, and tested to determine which pieces best demonstrate your creative abilities. You will finish with a print portfolio of 8+ pieces, a web presence, print stationery system, promo piece and a resumé. Every class will feature a past alumnus to help review your work and share their story! Check out our FRESH website!

student learning outcomes
To understand the importance presenting one’s work online and in hard copy format
To learn the importance of editing one’s work for presentation
To learn how to talk about work with a potential employer
To learn the importance of revising and improving work as one becomes a better designer
To learn how to write a resumé for the design world
To learn how to promote an event (in this case—the Fresh senior portfolio night)

This course requires that students furnish a laptop computer that meets the departmental standards in terms of hardware and software (see departmental website for requirements). Prerequisites: Senior status in the major and Art 321, Art 341, Art 354, and Art 470