Design Business Practices


Keywords and Themes

Business Planning
Client Relationships
Self Promotion
Cost Estimation
Project Management

Course Description

Art 367: Design Business Practices

Introduction to multidisciplinary, team-based, problem-solving practices in communication design. Majors in art/graphic design and non-art majors enroll in this course to form interdisciplinary teams working on hypothetical projects or case studies in current business problems, issues, and trends. Emphasis is placed on strategic design and planning, creative process, project management, and studio management. Students demonstrate skills in research, conceptual development, persuasive writing and communication, negotiation, initiative, collaboration, and team dynamics. May be taken twice for credit. Maximum 8 credits. Open to non-majors with instructor’s consent. Prerequisites: for Non-Art majors, Art 100, Art 120, Art 200, Art 224, and ArH 290; for Art majors, Art 225, Art 254, Art 200, and Art 210