Communication Design Studio IV


Keywords and Themes

Community Branding
Client Relationships

Course Description

Art 321: Communication Design Studio IV (aka Studio 5)

course objectives
The objective of this course is to refine the students’ understanding of brand strategy and design. They will be exposed to a variety of brand approaches, ways of working with clients, best practices in presenting ideas, and methods for brand implementation through the brand standards manual. Students will apply what they have learned through the development of a brand for a real small business. Check out Studio 5’s facebook page!

learning outcomes
To understand the importance of brand identities for commerce
To learn best practices in working with clients for branding/identity projects
To learn how to create a “brand book” to present concepts
To continue to develop skills in (brand) narrative, brand strategy, typography, and design for multiple formats

Open to non-majors who have prerequisites and consent of the instructor. Prerequisites: Art 320