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Fresh! Senior Portfolio Review.

FRESH is an invitation only review held at the end of each PSU GD 472 Portfolio class. The event is put on by the students and not only showcases their work but also gives them an opportunity to get valuable feedback from respective design leaders. Thanks to Union/Pine for hosting our event!

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Winter 2013 Fresh Portfolio Review Participants

Brett Olivieri: Originally from Connecticut, he is a maker, thinker, expresser, and professional doodler. He believes the most effective design tells a story and creates a multi-sensory experience. He would love to talk about music, science fiction, or nature.

Katie Rassi: Katie is in love with both print and web design. She has a love for organization and bright colors. It is evident she enjoys working with her hands, as her hobbies include sewing, beading, crafting, and baking. Katie can not live without cherry chapstick, her planner, or buffalo wings.

lamont_bioCorbin LaMont: Corbin LaMont is currently interested in participatory, social and community based projects as well as the intersection of digital and traditional advertising. Her experience also includes internships in publishing at Timber Press, branding at OMFG Co. and packaging at Sterling Brands, New York. In 2012, she founded The Center for Person by Person Research that seeks to investigate, document and cultivate the evolving way humans seek connection.

fresh_template copyMatthew Vlacich: Hi, I’m Matthew. I think my designs can best be described as playful. When not making little vector people I can usually be found at the dog park with my two boys, Walter (Japanese Chin), and Burt Reynolds (Pug).

Jeffery Frankenhauser: Born and raised in Portland (with the Vitamin D deficiency to prove it), Jeffery is a designer with a passion for interactive design and hand-rendered typography. He has interned for Jolby and Vizify and hopes to find his place in Portland’s design community after graduation.

Justin Kaye: I’m a design nerd with a love for capturing an idea and transposing it into something tangible. A natural problem solver, I love the challenges and answers that Design can bring into the world. When I’m not active designing something, one can find me at a concert (playing or watching), enjoying a hike, reading an Edward Abbey or Robert E. Howard book, or find me transfixed to my record player and tower of records.

owen_bioWhitney Owen: Whitney is a thinker, maker, and visual communicator living in the beautiful city of Portland, and believes that design is an opportunity to tell a story, communicate an intention, and provoke thoughtful action. She is a tea-drinking, horror movie-watching, music-loving adventurer who finds joy in the small things, especially when those things are in dessert form.

Jake Trudell: Some designers live for their art. I bleed for my design. I sweat for my clients. I shed a tear for the mediocre. I dream in 4-color, but I’m unafflicted by separation anxiety. I consume media for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My pastime is to experience. My desire? To create experience. My rank is drill sargeant in the pixel army. My every detail is at attention. Some of my ideas might be left field but I won’t quit until everything’s just right. My trade is design and my currency impressions. I drive for the best first, second and most lasting. I want to reach MMs (millions). My passion is my work, my heart is in the game, and my design is nothing, if not FULL BLEED. Jake currently works at Tripwire, Inc., interns for NORTH and freelances any time you need.

Will Lund: Will is a Graphic artist, designer, actor, playwright, and author. Several of his plays have been performed during Portland’s Fertile Ground Festival. He is a founding member of The Shakespeare Liberation Army, a troupe of actors performing educational Shakespeare shows in public schools with minimal arts funding. More than anything, he wants to make comic books. Either independently or within a major studio. While his main focus has been on print, he has designed and programmed many web sites and even dabbled in video and stop-motion animation.

Ryan Fleming: With a background in music for most of my life, I eventually decided to switch to design because it felt right. Most of my work reflects that musical influence. I have worked for two years now at Co-Creative which is a Portland State in-house design team. And I am very excited to continue in this field for the rest of my life!

Joe Trussell: Joe took the winding path to graphic design, picking up an M.A. in clinical psychology along the way. Now instead of working on people, he enjoys working in print, crafting and illustrating thoughtful multi-dimensional pieces. Joe loves books most. He loves how they’re designed, inside and out. But most of all, he loves how they smell.

Summer 2012 Fresh Portfolio Review Participants

Donny Stevens: I have a simple approach to things, and always design with a purpose. I believe print will never die, just become more appreciated. Some have called me stoic; I take that as a compliment.

Christina Davis: I’m a 24 year old illustrator and designer, born and raised in Portland. I’m passionate about many things, and I like to use my work as a means to inspire others to become passionate about things. When I’m not doing that, I’m climbing rocks, playing with my cats, planning my future travels, and drinking delicious beers.

Laura Shea: Laura is a designer, thinker, explorer and singer/songwriter from Portland, Oregon. She enjoys nature, dancing, laughing, basking in the sun, and discovering the world.

Ryan Bush is a designer, thinker, maker and doer. He is deeply interested in the possibilities of photography and film, and am intrigued by the opportunities that design thinking offers. He was born and raised 10 miles west of Portland, Oregon.

Vivian Hsu is a post baccalaureate student from Los Angeles with a background in comparative literature. After working in various industries, she is finally pursuing her passion for graphic design which combines everything she loves in one field. Vivian is passionate about illustration, storytelling, and chili cheese fries.

Anthony Libonati was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He spent 5 years playing semi-professional hockey before finally continuing on to higher education.  He is currently married to his wife, Jamie, and they are expecting their first baby. Anthony is currently an intern at BlackBox Productions, an industrial design firm in Northeast Portland.

Jon Montana: Hi, my name is Jon Montana. I speak Lorem Ipsum fluently and read wingdings. I only use IE to download Firefox. My refrigerator maintains a grid system. Seeing Comic Sans or Papyrus affects my blood-pressure. I refer to my privates as “the magic wand tool”. My drop shadows are softer than Clay Aiken at the Playboy mansion.

Steven Davison: With dual degrees in Marketing and Graphic Design from Portland State University, I understand design’s impact on business strategy. Branding and identity, advertising, and marketing are my passion. I have experience working with Nike and Roundhouse Agency and continue to search for new challenges to enhance my skill set in design.

Sean Burles is a designer from Portland Oregon with a strong interest in digital media. He works as a Chef to pay his bills and fund his interests including snowboarding, biking, & exploring while going to school. After completing his degree Sean looks forward to finding interesting & challenging work & soaking up the last bits of summer.

Priscilla Phitsanoukane is a native Portlander with an interest in coffee, travel and the internet. This September she will be in Denmark for two months searching for a job. She would love to work in publication, curation and/or design consulting with a group of like-minded individuals.

Stuart Johnston: I am into mechanical things like the process of printing. I came from mechanical engineering to design and I couldn’t be happier.

Kendra Pelofske: I’m 23 years old and am very excited to graduate from Portland State University. In September I am moving to Tempe, Arizona for a new chapter in my life. I enjoy being organized, being outdoors, and living spontaneously.

Amanda Frank: I am a west coaster who is currently living life in Portland. Pushing pixels is my passion. I have coded a few websites, therefore I know HTML, CSS(3), some JavaScript, and a little PHP. Knowing these languages makes me more apt to understand the limitations of code and be able to work well with developers or programmers.

Jennifer Flake is drawn to design by the desire to make mundane objects more enjoyable and easily understood. She is inspired by pattern and color, humor, and human ingenuity. When not out exploring, she can be found engrossed in one of her many painting, quilting, jewelry, and paper arts projects.

Jamie Godfrey: I am passionate about creating, and making. I grew up in the NW, and have my first degree in Psychology. I value research, dedication, and craft. As a designer, I strive to examine and experiment with different methods of design to create an appealing visual language, while having fun and working hard.

Murphy Phelan: I’ve tamed wild beasts. I’ve conquered territories. I’ve bummed rides. I’ve ignited passions. I’ve hit home runs for sick kids. I cook. I bathe. I was instrumental in George Forman’s stunning upset over Joe Frasier. I’ve constructed multi-level sandwiches. I defended the Alamo. And I always wear clean s­ocks.

Kristen Kohashi: Kristen is a tall girl from Hawaii who loves to talk. She likes illustration, marketing, and cats. She grew up in Japan and has awesome handwriting, a weird sense of humor, and too many socks. In her free time, she dances, plans events, and goes on food adventures.

Katie West is a designer with a passion for books, illustration and ideating. She grabs books and ephemera from junk heaps, roadside boxes and estate sales to populate her ever growing collection of layout and design inspiration. Besides designing and collecting, Katie enjoys music, food, and the company of friends and family.

Anthony Botts: Native to the mountains near Mt. Hood Oregon, I have a firm belief in simple, clean design that has purpose. With a focus in typography and web design, I always have a knack for finding simple solutions to complex problems. A little will go a long ways.

Sarah Seely is nuts about photography, design, nostalgia and all things Portland. When she isn’t obsessing over color palates, taking and editing photos, or obsessively reading the new “must read” book, she is probably taking apart and reassembling her VW “racecar”.

Chase Farthing
is a creative thinker and advertising lover. He spent his early years in Portland Oregon, quietly perfecting race cars and other modes of transportation out of Legos. This passion for design served him well. Chase is now a Graphic Design Major with an Advertising Management Minor at Portland State University. Currently he is finishing up his degree and managing to find time for personal projects including but not limited to: web design, photography, skiing, and amateur road racing.

Micah Patrick Brown: When I was 13 my Grandpa gave me his old 35mm Canon SLR camera. I loved the marriage between art and science that is photography. The next year I joined the staff of my high school’s yearbook program. There I got interested in design. Design, like photography appeals to the strengths of both sides of my brain; the analytical and the artistic.

Sara Collins: Hi. I am a maker and a collector. I am constantly finding and being inspired by bits of nature, math, science and vintage art. In my work I tend to spend as much time on the materials used and their textures as I do on the design. I love to experiment and always have a barrage of ideas and directions I want to explore.

Nicole Durkin is a graphic designer and illustrator native to Portland, Oregon who loves to create. Outside of soaking up everything the design world, she loves hiking, dancing, concert going, and finding the humor in everything life has to offer.

Spring 2012 Fresh Portfolio Review Participants

Kathleen Marie: Born among the orange groves of Florida, I traded the beaches for Doug Firs and moved to Portland in 2006. I’m a vegan-bicycle warrior- pinballin’ enthusiast. I enjoy quite a lot of experimental noise bands, tear-jerker films, and folks that embody that fun kitschy spirit.

Allison Berg: Allison is a Portland native with a passion for design, fashion, art and food. She enjoys collecting rocks and minerals, setting up camp in the design section at Powell’s and befriending local house-cats. Specializing in illustration and handcrafted design, Allison is inspired by nature, old films and vintage ephemera.

Christine Blystone: Christine is the founder of the popular Flapper Girl line of hand-crafted products and the drummer for all-female rock band The Secret Ceremony. She is fascinated by packaging, fashion, and yearbooks of the early twentieth century. Her favorite designer these days is Louise Fili.

Alex Broekhoff: Alex enjoys the interdiscplinary nature of design. He finds it satisfying to move from the conceptual to the details of craft. He believes organizing information and making the world more user-friendly is a worthwhile pursuit.

Jenny Censky: Jenny was born and raised in America’s Dairyland but has lived in Portland for about 8 years now. She studied painting and interior design before finally finding her love of graphic design. When she isn’t sitting in front of her computer she can be found surfing, snowboarding, eating, laughing with friends, hitting the dance floor, or doing all of them simultaneously.

Paul Cvikevich:  I am passionate about creating. I grew up riding a BMX bike and being very influenced by the culture. The combination of these things is what fuels my passion for design.

Henry Gibson: I enjoy exploring unexpected experiences under universal uniquenesses.

Bethlayne Hansen: Hello! I’m Bethlayne. I am a photographer, model. graphic designer, and most importantly a dreamer. I really love package design, branding, and making a mess with paint.

Randi Haugland : I found graphic design after earning my first degree in Anthropology and I am not looking back. I love to design brands, logos, patterns and hand drawn type. When I am not designing you can find me binding books, roaming antique stores and reading history and travel books.

Dat Le: I wake up every morning and smile because I do what I enjoy most ­—crafting ideas and bringing life into it.

Tina Snow Le:  Tina values craft, dedication, and likes to build what she designs. As a visual storyteller, she strives to experiment with ideas and methods through design, identity, language and events that bring people together for the greater good.

Bryan Morgan: I’ve got an insatiable hunger for visual culture, history and everything in between—I’m always trying to stand on the shoulders of giants. I love when design is rough around the edges and doesn’t play by the rules.

Rodica Musgrave: Pattern-making has been a part of my graphic design career since my junior year. Now it is my passion. Surface design is about using art in a practical way, which is why I love it.

Ben Patterson: I like design because it can spread helpful information in new ways. When I am not designing I am usually eating sandwiches. Occasionally, I do both at the same time.

Tijani Stewart: I can’t help but design all the time, its in my blood! I enjoy research, process and craft. When I get a little free time I can be found listening to dirty blues music, drinking craft beer, taking pictures, biking, hiking, snowboarding, cooking, or laughing at stand-up comedy.

Zipporah Vannata: Hello, my name is Zipporah Vannata. My friends call me Zip. I am from the beautiful valley of Fresno in Central California. I love to use lots of color and always try to incorporate my fun sense of humor in my design work.

Rolan Veniegas: I am a designer who has a love for creativity and enjoys everything crafty! I love keeping it simple and fun with colors!

Winter 2012 Fresh Portfolio Review Participants!

Julian Gese: Just a nice guy with a wife, two cats and an immense appreciation for good design.

Phil Markel: My aesthetic has grown by learning new skills and applying them in practical ways. My projects are most often clean, simple, illustrative and playful. I am pretty mellow and love to have fun with my work.

Patrick Woolworth: Patrick enjoys adventure. He loves being creative. He likes his design with a side of wit and a side of grit; but you can hold the tomatoes.

Matthew Noe: I try to force myself through a grueling conceptual process, sometimes to a fault, but always in an attempt to create something unique. I am completely elated when this leads to a new or unexpected connection, and am totally humbled when nobody else gets it.  Basically, it’s concept, experiment, edit, golf, repeat.

Mimi Pham: Design is finding it’s way in every aspect of my life. From craft making to my dancing, it’s always there and I regret nothing.

Caren Sutton: I’m a very contemplative, but a hardworking person with a passion for art and design in all their forms. When I’m not working on design I’m usually crafting some sort of 3d art project, or snapping shots of everyday life.

Ewen Wang: I am a designer, illustrator, storyteller and fabricator with the quest of committing my life towards making smart pretty things. Work makes me happy.

Rick Clay: The ideas that come from design and art propel me to keep searching for new creative ways that help people see things in different light.

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Fall 2011 Fresh! Senior Portfolio Review Participants!

Sze Wa Cheung: I was born in Hong Kong. I came to the U.S. when I was 14. I somehow fell in love with design in the middle of nowhere. I am extreme. I like simple things but I also like things that are complicated. I have never decided.

Kate Giambrone: I like design mostly because it lets me think about the role visual
culture plays in human existence. I’m fascinated by how design helps us carve out our
individual and social identity by consciously using visually meaningful elements to
tell a story.

Ryan Gallager: Born and bred on the West Coast. Artist, musician, human.
A lover of all crafty things.

Jason Heglund: I love illustration, design and all types of random bits of creativity.

Matti Jonsson: Designer. Maker. Builder. Storyteller. I don’t consider myself just a graphic designer; I feel it is a limiting description of my interests and abilities to tell
a story.

Kelly Navari: I have always been involved with many charitable organizations and non-profit groups, and I have found these businesses and their need for good design to be my driving passion. Someday I hope to be high school graphic design teacher.

Jieun Park: I am a thoughtful, colorful, and crafty designer.

Cameron Sandage: I started off working on offset presses, but now I have a deep interest in branding and packaging. My dream job is to be able to work on projects that run the gamut of branding, print design, packaging, UI/UX, interactive, social media and some coding for added fun.

Duy Truong: I love being able to work creatively and doing things I love combining
uses of art, design and photography.

Kathey Sweeney: Design isn’t just a part of my life–it’s an extension of my life. I use experience from my travels and of the life lessons I have learned thus far to create meaningful design.

Rachael Swedenborg: When I’m not working on art and design you can find me enjoying the great outdoors that Oregon has to offer, or wandering around Southeast Portland in search of coffee and a good zine.

Jessie Wooden: Hey-o! My name is Jessie and I am currently a freelance
designer who loves design, animals, and video games.

Brennan Thome: I’m Brennan Thome. My name may be hard to pronounce,
but my work is easy on the eyes.

Alan Wasam: I am interested in finding sustainable, creative solutions for our small and large problems, locally and globally.

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