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As an educator, Meredith has taught and developed coursework on graphic design theory, design thinking, research practices, failure, and design for well-being. These topics make up the cornerstone of her pedagogy, as she leads these areas for the Graphic Design Program. For her efforts, Meredith has been nominated twice by students as an outstanding faculty member and based on her experiences in the classroom, has developed a series of quick reference guides for designers, the first of which is available on Amazon.

Meredith’s double-blind, peer-reviewed papers have been presented at conferences nationally and internationally. Notably, she has presented at Design Research Society in Brighton, UK, and the College Art Association Conference in New York. Her writing also includes essays and editorial responsibilities (in addition to design work) for LIVD, a publication she founded in 2014. LIVD is an avant-garde art and design publication that balances academic thought with personal experience and experimental ideas. Produced in the Pacific Northwest, each volume of LIVD is printed in a limited edition quantity. Volume 15.1 focuses on feminism and identity as they intersect art and design. Volume 15.2 focuses on failure, risk, and letting go. Volume 16.1 centers around appropriation and authenticity.

Meredith received her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art, studying 2D Design with additional coursework in the Painting Program. Her hybrid practice includes client work spanning global agencies and local non-profits, as well as exhibiting her work at galleries across the US. For clients, Meredith frequently implements the very same design thinking and research strategies that she teaches in the classroom.

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