Website developer

I am the owner of a small business called Autism Positive. I do outreach and education, and strive to go far beyond just promoting basic awareness of Autism. Basically, my aim is to eradicate existing myths, and to set the record straight about what it truly means to live w/ Autism, while igniting the general publics’ curiousity and desire to learn about all of the positives. I am hoping to work w/ someone who is near and dear to this cause, has a solid understanding of Autism, and is passionate about the mission. Aesthetics are important to me, and while I am an artist and have a strong sense of how I would like this project to look, I am absolutely out of my element when it comes to the web. I would like to collaborate w/ you and use your expertise to achieve the desired result. If you are interested in working on this creative project, please send a resume and 3 samples of your work/portfolio. This is a paid position. Thank you for your time!

To Apply:

Email resume and 3 work samples/portfolio to pdxartcamp@gmail.com