Web/Print Designers and Social Media Managers

We are a local startup that is helping to fundraise for animal shelters both locally and nationally by creating ’the world’s largest pet furball’. As crazy as that sounds, there is a lot of potential in attracting national attention to our work, and a lot of potential to make a positive impact in communities nationwide.

Check out what we’re doing Catpaca.com.

This viral campaign is heavily reliant on our website and print materials to drive awareness, so we could use your help in designing our website and various flyers that we’re using. We also are trying to build a presence on social media (we currently are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), so any skills relating to that would be extremely helpful.

While this is a volunteer position, we would be happy to promote your work through various channels (on the website, social media, etc.), and would be open to offering employment once our campaign grows.

To Apply:

You can contact us at Contact@Catpaca.com, or go to Catpaca.com/Help-us to get in touch.