You’re a totally MAC person all your graphic and word processing life. Can do TOC in MS WORD for MAC, can calculate
dimensions from the interior pages of a book to a virtual box of any size with text.

Probably you’re a Sophomore or Junior. If a senior, you’re planning to stay in Portland and have a low credit load until you graduate. I’m hoping for someone who willl be a long-term part-time webmaster. Important you knows html and can do a table of contents in WORD, Are great at Search, Find, Replace (in Wd), know track changes, merge & compare. If not, apply
anyway if you’ve been credited with imagination, strong aesthetic and spatial sense.

(Preferably) you own a MAC BOOK PRO laptop with Microsoft Word and Adobe Suite. You’re intuitive with other programs
you may never have worked with.

Great if you can hand draw. Any bells and whistles in that area … amaze me..

You’re a problem solver,with glitches and have a bag of tricks. Ideally, you’re a natural born speller and pretty fast typist..

You’re already prepared to send resume, photo, references (professors, advisors et. al.) AND…a letter about you listing any skill sets, however irrelevant. Persuade me you’re the best one for the position!

To Apply:

You will not be working in an office, but an ambient, space in a secure building RIGHT ON THE TRANSIT LINE 10 minutes from PSU. All deference given to your homework, tests, term papers. Also I will be interested in discussing your hourly or flat rate salary. based on your skill sets and ability to work at a focused and fairly fast pace. Why? 1. An urgency 2. you’re really
good at what you know so far. I’m hoping you’re great at layout and all entailed in creating a book. You might even be able to obtain credit at school for a work/study project. I will also acknowledgment you on my deconstructed, not usual website. I still
intend to pay you. This will be discussed when you meet me for an interview. I wear five hats in multiple fields for which I was not trained. It may be I can inspire the right persson to see how many paths branch in your future.

I can’t wait to hear from you. Yesterday is not too soon. i’m also posting two other positions on graphic arts department board (part-time) that could interest you.. Please be sure to include all info in initial contact including all info, best hours to reach you. I’m working on several projects at once. You’re the one if you can step in and do what I can;t. I’m very easy to get along with. I want a curious person who has read all the way to the bottom of this posting and already feels you might be the one! Tell me all about yourself + dreams of the future.