Web Content Intern

About Artslandia Publishing, Inc. Established in 2006, Artslandia exists as both a leading creative firm and publishing house. Our current client list is comprised of the most well-known and celebrated arts organizations in Portland. Artslandia publishes, Artslandia Magazine, Portland’s annual ”go-to-guide” for the performing arts, Artslandia at the Performance, five bi-monthly magazine/city playbills, Artslandia Kids (September 2015), an annual magazine that puts the broadest range of age-appropriate cultural and arts opportunities right at families’ fingertips and Artslandia Vancouver (August 2015) Vancouver, Canada’s ”go-to-guide” for the performing arts. We represent theatre, music and dance companies across Portland as publishing clients, and serve to provide Portland and Vancouver with the best performing arts coverage in the city. Artslandia Internships offer undergraduate and/or graduate students the opportunity to gain meaningful learning experiences in the exciting field of magazine publishing.

The Web Content Intern will assist our Media Director with data entry by populating our on line performance calendars, websites and eNewsletters. Other duties include writing event descriptions, assisting with social media efforts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and internet research tasks related to events and performances. This internship will be in person and will not be able to be completed remotely. You will be provided a desk, computer and ample workspace at the Artslandia office. You will report directly to both the Media Director and Publisher. As an Artslandia intern, we consider you to be as much a part of the team as any other staff member. The main distinction is that this position is solely a learning position. We expect you to ask questions when they arise – about anything!

Student Objectives:
Improve skills related to website design and content and print publishing industry, including skills related to copy editing, social media posts, fact-checking, production timelines, and writing.

Strengthen his/her baseline knowledge of software related to the publishing field, including Basecamp and WordPress.

Learn the process of magazine publishing by attending staff meetings and shadowing the Publisher and/or Associate Publisher on daily, monthly and weekly tasks.

Become proficient in fact-checking and researching specifically related to the field of performing arts in Portland (Music, Theatre, Dance)

Develop interpersonal skills by conversing with colleagues and point of contacts on the phone and through email in order to fact-check for the publication.

Crafting a detailed work-plan based on learning objectives. To be co-created during the second week of internship (after training and orientation). This plan will outline assigned projects and tasks to be performed by the intern during the course of the internship.

Weekly check-in meetings to determine that the assigned tasks align with the learning objectives.

A comprehensive exit interview relating to the evaluation of the internship from both a supervisor and intern perspective.

Requirements: Applicants must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program in a field related to print publishing. To be eligible for this internship, you must be able to receive college credit. Related fields include, but are not limited to, media studies, journalism, communications, graphic design, publishing, and/or English. This is a Fall internship This internship is unpaid. The Media Director / Publisher will be working with you to ensure that your learning objectives are being met during the internship and that you have completed your learning objectives by the end of the contract.

This position requires a foundational knowledge of WordPress, editorial research and writing. This position will be expected to use a variety of platforms related to project management and publishing, including but not limited to: Basecamp and InDesign.

We are seeking an upbeat, self-starting, enthusiastic team player that is highly organized and works well in a fast paced environment. The ideal candidate will possess excellent communication and time management skills with a meticulous attention to detail and a keen interest in the performing arts (Music, Theatre, Dance). This includes being on time for shifts, fulfilling the required time commitments, and adhering to deadlines assigned by the Publisher / Media Director.

In addition, we will conduct weekly check-ins with you to ensure that you are grasping the required information and learning at a pace that is appropriate to you. This internship is very hands on in that we may ask you to work on other projects not directly related to calendar and web content like helping with an event or distribution. We do want to ensure that you are asking questions whenever something arises so that you feel comfortable with the tasks being assigned to you.

To Apply:

Send resume and cover letter to internships@artslandia.com