Volunteer for TEDxPortlandStateUniversity

PSU is having it’s very own TED talk event in February and we are looking for art and design students that can help us out with a few projects. The event will most likely be in the auditorium of Lincoln Hall. We would like these projects to be ready by February 1st.

Create the TEDxPortlandStateUniversity stage sign
The iconic stage sign that goes on all TEDx events. You can view examples on any TEDx video. We would like the sign to be anywhere from 2-3 feet.

Create T-shirts for the crew
This T-shirt design would be simple with out TEDx logo on the front and maybe something like ”staff” on the back

Design and create the stage set up
Stage design is very important. We would like for someone to come up with an idea, design and create it. Here is a link to a video of what TED looks for in a stage design: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYOBCTqZY-Y&vl=en

To Apply:

Please e-mail ksashchenko@pdxakpsi.org. Let me know which project you are interested in working on.