Vector Graphics

Looking for a freelancer with good vector graphic skills. Must be able to save files either in .svg or .kra (Krita) formats. I am starting a small business and the main graphic I have is a stick-figure cartoon character. I have the base image developed but need someone to take that and produce different vector files of that image in different poses (i.e., sitting, talking on the phone, swimming, etc.). If a human can pose that way, then the cartoon can pose that way. I will need approximately 10 different images (in different poses) to start. Could be an on-going gig as different poses could be needed in the future.

To Apply:

Please email me with any (or all) of the following: CV, resume, website, social media, or anything relevant to me being able to know your skills. I respect great communication, honesty, and ability to follow through more so than a long CV or resume. Thank you!