UX Design

The project that we are currently working to develop is for an ethics-based scoring and educational app, competing in the global tourism industry. A benchmark for comparison is TripAdviser. By benefiting off user-generated content, our mission is to educate consumers to more ethical tourism practices and pressure the industry towards wildlife sustainability. Our team of university researchers have years of experience and would love to find a student with UX design experience. We have a few visual models and flow charts for aid but ultimately the designer will have full autonomy for the content. The workload is a bit light and should not be more than 10-20 hours, but of course, this is flexible. Our PSU student contact will be the main point of contact and will work as closely as possible to provide the necessary information to accomplish the design.

To Apply:

Please email Kellen Copeland, kcope2@pdx.edu, with a cover letter that explains any other projects that you have worked on that provide a similar experience, leadership qualities, and prior courses that will allow you to be successful with taking on this project OR you can email a portfolio of recent work related to UX Design, your art, and other pieces of work.